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I was born and raised in El Paso, TX, moved to Fort Worth for high school, and now call San Antonio home. I graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word (where I met Justin) and received a BA in Theatre in May, 2007. After graduating from UIW, I worked for the university as an Admissions Counselor for a year before going to work as an Agent for the second largest staffing company in the world.



Justin: I am native of Garland, TX. I moved to San Antonio to pursue my degree in Theatre at the University of the Incarnate Word. I didn't intend to stay long, but shortly before graduating from UIW in May of 2004, I met Amanda. Suddenly, I wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere.

After school, I worked breifly as a free lance lighting designer, before becoming the Assistant Technical Director for San Pedro Playhouse. The following year I left the Playhouse to become the Technical Director at St. Philip's College, and I've been there ever since.

Buddy & Missy

We share two wonderful puppies, Buddy and Missy, who are 2 years old and keep life interesting.


How We Met According to Amanda

We met in college. Justin was a senior in his last semester, and I was a freshman. We didn't have much contact until one evening at a cast party, where Justin and I happened to start up a conversation. During this conversation, I told Justin that I thought he was interesting and that I would like to buy him coffee to pick his brain.

We met for coffee almost every night for weeks, secretly, as friends who could speak freely and not be judged. There were no expectations with this friendship so we entered in with complete honesty. Which is how we fell in love. We kept our relationship completely private and a secret from everyone for almost 3 months, and have been together ever since.


How We Met Told By Justin

My first real interaction with Amanda was during the build for Little Shop of Horrors at UIW. I needed a hand with some scenery I was building, so I asked a group of freshman (which, coincidentally, contained Amanda, her Maid of Honor, and one of her Bride’s Maids) if one of them would come give me a hand. Amanda drew the short straw and came to help me out. The interaction was relatively uneventful, but she got my attention.

In addition to building scenery, I was designing sound for the show, and Amanda was in the cast. Consequently, she had to come get her microphone from me before the show and drop it off again after. I couldn’t say for sure exactly when Amanda took an interest in me, but I’m pretty sure our first conversation of any substance was at the opening night cast party. By the end of the conversation she wanted to get to know me better, so she invited me to coffee. It was expressly not a date.

She wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, and I was headed anywhere but San Antonio as soon as I graduated. As a result we weren’t worried about impressing each other. We just enjoyed good conversation with no strings attached. At the same time, we weren’t interested in the social complications that would have resulted from our relationship becoming common knowledge… so we didn’t tell anyone… for months.

Needless to say, we enjoyed each others’ company. We continued to meet regularly for weeks… all the while falling in love without even realizing it. Eventually we acknowledged the fact that we had chemistry, and became an item. It was a bit of an unconventional start, but we’re a bit of an unconventional couple. It works for us.

The Engagement According to Amanda

Justin for months had been leaving me cards and little presents. That Friday, I came home from work to find  notes all over the house, leading me to Godiva chocolates (my favorite!) and stress relieving bath salts telling me to relax before we were going out to yet another fancy dinner out. I was clueless because he had been doing things like this for months!

I took my time getting dressed and knew that we would have to leave for dinner at 8pm. I finished watching the Ghost Whisperer and started walking out the door. Justin stopped me and said, "I leave you presents and you don't notice?" I opened the present and saw that it was a book of pictures from our life together over the last 4 years. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful gift, and yes I sobbed my little eyes out.

When I turned to the last page of the book there were pictures of my ring. When I turned to look at him (to give him a hard time for teasing me because I still had no idea!) he was on the floor on one knee. He told me that the last 4 years have been the best of his life and that he can't imagine another day not knowing that I'll be there forever. Then he gave me a hard time for making us late for dinner.

I called my mother and father and some friends and family and a number of people wouldn't answer their phones. Justin told me that we should just enjoy dinner and call them tomorrow. We pulled into the parking lot of my favorite French restaurant and I said, "huh looks relatively quiet for a Friday...they must be having a private party or something..?" I looked at the cars and made comments like " oh that looks like George's truck." and "that looks like Nancy and Jake's car..." Justin then pulled into a spot next to a car that looked exactly like my mom's. And then I put it all together and I started to cry all over again.

When I finally pulled myself together and went inside, all our closest friends and family were there to celebrate with us. It was absolutely perfect!

The Engagement According to Justin

Amanda and I had been together for over four years by the time I started planning the proposal. It wasn’t exactly a secret that I was going to ask her to marry me. It was just a matter of when. This presented quite a challenge for me because I wanted the proposal to be a surprise. I’d been thinking about this for some time, and had pretty much decided what I wanted to happen, but I knew if I just did it out of the blue, Amanda would see it coming around the corner. Thus began a proposal that would take several months to complete.

How do you surprise someone who’s anticipating a surprise? Make it so that surprises aren’t unusual. This was basically the thesis of my proposal. I started, in May, I believe, leaving little presents for Amanda every couple of days. Sometimes it was just a little greeting card, sometimes chocolate, or jewelry, or other things I knew she would like. During this time, I also tried to make sure we went on dates at least once every week or so. Sometimes it was something playful, like the drive through safari park, but mostly it was dinner at nice restaurants. This had a dual benefit, because Amanda and I truly enjoy a nice meal, and it helped reinforce the idea that going to eat at a nice restaurant was completely normal.

While I was preparing Amanda to be surprised by the proposal, I was also coordinating the proposal dinner with friends and family, and working on the book that was to be the crux of the proposal. The book is a collection of photos of Amanda and me that spanned the course of our relationship. It contains photos of us that were taken during Little Shop (before our first cup of coffee) all the way up to photos of us making friends with the animals at the safari park.

Once it seemed that she had grown accustomed to presents and nice dinners, I was ready to put my plan into action. The book was completed, dinner plans were set for our favorite French restaurant, and friends and family had made arrangements to attend. All that was left was to pull it all together.

I took the day off of work that day to prepare and clean the house. This task was complicated by the fact that Amanda was coming home for lunch, so I couldn’t do too much cleaning in the morning lest she might notice. The night before, I’d left a card for her to find before she went to work in the morning. I’d planned to have plenty of time to clean that afternoon after Amanda went back to work, but was thwarted by an unusually late lunch break. It did, however, leave me plenty of time to leave another card for her to find at lunch.

After a rush cleaning job that afternoon, I set to leaving a trail of bread crumbs for her to find when she got home from work. They led her to a box of chocolates in the refrigerator and then to the bath tub where there was a jar of stress relieving bath salts waiting for her. The notes suggested she enjoy a nice bath before getting ready for dinner. When all was set, I left to run a few errands (which were really cover to get me out of the house) so she could come home and enjoy her surprises.

I came home to find Amanda, quite contented, watching TV in her PJ’s. I’d told her earlier in the week that we had 8:30 dinner reservations, anticipating that she would, as usual, get ready way early and be ready to head out the door before 8:00 so that we could be at the restaurant early. Amanda, knowing that I sometimes get irritated by being in an unnecessary rush to get places, decided to do something nice for me and took her time getting ready.  She was watching an episode of Ghost Whisperer, still in her PJ’s, and getting up at commercials to do her makeup and fix her hair.

While this is going on, I’m quite nervous. I’ve been ready to go since at least 7:30, and I’m watching the clock tick closer and closer to 8:00; wondering why she isn’t ready yet. Not only am I both anxious and nervous to ask what is to be one of the most important questions I’ll ever ask anyone, but dinner reservations were actually for 8:00 and we were  going to be a little more than the 15 minutes late that I’d planned for.

The Ghost Whisper ends and Amanda finishes getting dressed. I’m sitting in the living room. I’ve left the book, which I wrapped in shiny silver wrapping paper, on the corner of the couch near the bedroom door. She pops out of the bedroom to ask me a question, doesn’t notice the shiny wrapped present on the end of the couch, and heads back into the bedroom.

I’m thinking to myself, that had to be a joke, but a few seconds later she walks back out to get her purse, and walks right past it. I gave her a hard time for not noticing, and she unwrapped the book and started flipping through. She was getting all teary eyed, and about a quarter of the way through, she realized that we were going to be late for dinner. She offered to finish looking through the book after dinner, but I insisted that we could spare the few minutes to finish it right then.

By the end of the book, Amanda was sobbing. I had been thumbing the ring in my pocket trying waiting for the right moment to take a knee. The last page has pictures of the engagement ring with the caption, “A New Beginning.” I guess she was so stunned by the pictures that she didn’t notice me take the knee until she looked up from the book. I asked her to marry me. She cried some more, but eventually nodded, “yes.”

We embraced and then hurried off to dinner. It must have been at least 8:10 before we even left the house.  Luckily the restaurant is only 10 minutes from the house. As we’re driving, Amanda calls and talks to her mother and father (who are both already at the restaurant), but has no idea they are even in town. Meanwhile, I’m driving about as fast as I can manage when we run into construction. Amanda continues trying to call people, but few actually answer the phone. Little did she know, she was going to see most of them in a matter of minutes.

As we are pulling into the parking lot, Amanda says something to the effect of, “I’m sure glad you got that out of the way early because I’m not sure I can take any more surprises tonight.” I grin on the inside and look for a place to park. I was hoping to find a place close to the front, get there quickly, and get inside before she put two and two together, but such a spot was not to be found.

As we were driving around Amanda started to notice cars that reminded her of people we know. It wasn’t until we were parked, next to her parents’ car, that she realized that they actually were the cars of people she knows. I had just gotten out of the car and was closing the door as I heard her say, “oh no.” She cried in the car for a minute before composing herself and accompanying me into the restaurant. We were greeted by friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful meal to end a wonderful evening.